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Gastric balloon benefits and harms

 Gastric balloon benefits and harms

Obesity and overweight are big problems experienced by many ladies.

 Therefore, they are constantly looking for ways and means that will help them get rid of this big problem.

Gastric balloon benefits and harms

One of the newest methods that help a woman get rid of excess weight and maintain a slim and perfect body, is the gastric balloon operation.

 This operation is one of the effective and simple operations that women undergo in order to treat the problem of obesity and overweight. Find out in detail about gastric balloon surgery and how it is done And what are its benefits And also its damage

What is gastric balloon operation

 gastric balloon surgery is one of the latest methods of treatment and non-surgical operations that are resorted to in the case of women suffering from the problem of obesity. 

This process is used to lose excess weight, in conjunction with a healthy diet until this process is successful.

 The gastric balloon is a soft rubber balloon made of silicone material, inside which there is a sterile liquid consisting of Celine, and this liquid is introduced into the stomach by some certain medical instruments through the gastrointestinal tract or mouth.

 This balloon stays inside the stomach for six months, and is then removed using an endoscope, where the doctor inserts the catheter into the stomach through the mouth until the balloon is punctured and dissipates and the balloon shrinks and then removed.

Benefits of gastric balloon operation

1. well-deserved weight loss

One of the most important health benefits of using a gastric balloon is that it helps to lose weight and lose it for a long time, but it is necessary to follow a proper and healthy diet, and this is one of the most important conditions for the success of the balloon. This balloon is placed inside the stomach to occupy a large area of it, and there is little space left in the stomach to eat or drink, which makes the woman feel full for a long time.

2-treatment for some chronic diseases

Another of the benefits of gastric balloon surgery is that it contributes to the treatment of many chronic health diseases, improves them and alleviates their symptoms, thus reducing the occurrence of complications of these diseases in the long term. The most prominent of these diseases that the gastric balloon improves are diabetes, high blood pressure disease, and sleep shortness of breath problems. This is coupled with the ability to move normally, exercise and daily chores naturally and easily. The stomach balloon also has a great role in treating some psychological problems experienced by obese women, most notably lack of self-confidence.

Gastric balloon damage

Although the gastric balloon operation is characterized by some health benefits, it has a lot of damage and side complications, the most important of which are:

1-stomach ulcers

Of the serious damage caused by the gastric balloon, is the injury of the stomach severe ulcers, and this is caused by cases of vomiting and nausea, due to the secretions of stomach acids, leading to ulcers in the stomach wall and a lot of chronic inflammation. 

This is in addition to the feeling of pain or bleeding, because the gastric balloon consists of some artificial substances that cause irritation of the stomach and increase the secretion of acid until getting used to this balloon.

2 - inflammation of the intestine and gastrointestinal tract

Based on stomach ulcers as a result of gastric balloon installation, the intestines will also be exposed to more chronic infections.

 It gets worse when the balloon is punctured inside the stomach before the specified period has passed; this hole causes the balloon to shrink, causing a blockage of the intestine, and the retention of solid waste in the body causing blood poisoning.

 The risk of infection also increases in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, which becomes inflamed and highly sensitive as a result of contact with medical instruments during the procedure of placing the balloon in the stomach.

3-bacterial infection

A serious complication caused by a gastric balloon is also that it increases the likelihood of bacterial infections inside the stomach.

 This is due to the growth of bacteria inside the liquid that fills the balloon, or in the case of a balloon hole, this liquid contaminated with bacteria begins to exit into the intestine causing many unpleasant symptoms, including fever, cramps in the intestine, and diarrhea.






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