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Here are the most dangerous intercourse positions

Here are the most dangerous intercourse positions

Here are the most dangerous intercourse positions


Discover the most dangerous intercourse positions that you do not know may pose a danger to you and threaten the health of you and your husband in order to avoid them, in addition to the best intercourse positions for pregnancy in this article from buty-care.

Intimate times in the marital bed are enjoyable for both spouses and become a basic and urgent need. However, the beautiful and romantic moments may turn into annoying and painful times and may develop into more than that, as they may cause physical harm to both spouses if they happen and adopt the wrong position, so we will introduce you to the following on the most dangerous intercourse positions.

The most dangerous intercourse positions

The cowboy position may not be the best position for intercourse that women like, but it is among the positions that arouse the most pleasure for women, but even if it is, this position is considered the most dangerous intercourse position.

In this position, the woman is at the top and is dominant in the relationship, but studies and statistics conducted on a large group of couples have shown that this cowboy position is responsible for most cases in which the penis is broken and damaged greatly, especially taking into account the weight of the woman and the weight of the burden on him. This is because of his exposure to sudden flexion, and this has caused the inability of the man in many cases to practice intimacy or poor sexual performance.

On the other hand, the missionary position is considered the best and least harmful position for the man because it enables him to be on top and therefore he will be able to practice the marital relationship immediately if he feels pain, so this position is the safest.

Best intercourse position for pregnancy

After you have learned about new intercourse positions to break the routine and renew the relationship, discover the best position for intercourse for pregnancy in the following.

In fact, studies show that there are no specific positions that speed up the occurrence of pregnancy, but the best intercourse positions that speed up the occurrence of pregnancy are those in which deep penetration occurs, as it increases the chance of the sperm reaching the egg upon ejaculation.

Also, the side position contributes to accelerating the occurrence of pregnancy, the husband and wife lie side by side, and the husband is behind the wife who is higher than him and sexual intercourse takes place. This position ensures that a larger amount of sperm reaches the cervix, which increases the chances of pregnancy.

Finally, after knowing the most dangerous intercourse positions, in addition to the best intercourse position for pregnancy, discover now the intercourse positions that men love!






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