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The most beautiful positions of intercourse with a partner

The most beautiful positions of intercourse with a partner

Looking for the most beautiful positions of intercourse Continue reading this article that buty-care website provides you with the perfect poses for a successful romantic married life.


The most beautiful sexual poses help you achieve romantic connection and excitement with your husband. Intimacy is one of the basics of a successful marriage, because it expresses a different kind of communication between the two partners where the eyes, hands and feelings also converge. Here are 5 of the most beautiful intercourse poses that experts recommend for the best intimate and romantic practice ever.

The most beautiful positions of orgasm

These asanas allow the couple to get physically close and give them the intimacy needed to make the relationship work, and include the following:

Lotus position

From the classical asanas, but it is nicer to communicate during intimacy. You and your partner sit squared up and face each other, with one person on the other's lap. If you are at the bottom, you will act as a chair. If you are on top, you will wrap your partner with your arms and legs around him.

Spoon position

In this position, you lie side by side with your partner, with your body lined up together and one person facing the front of the other. While penetration can occur Well, the spoon position provides a lot of skin contact. It is a great pose to enjoy the scent of the partner's skin, hair and neck.

Full body foreplay position

In this position from skin to skin contact, you lie on your stomach, and your partner faces your back. If you are on top, raise yourself with elbows or hands. This pose allows your partner to whisper in your ear and say exciting romantic words.

Sitting position V

Your husband sits upright with his back against a wall or other surface, his legs open, and you sit opposite him with faces facing, enhancing the romance and expression of looking and kissing.

Knee position

This position is represented by the position of the knee high and the knee low. This pose is comfortable and low impact, so you can take your time and have fun. In rhythm, you lie on your back, while your husband kneels above you. He will be on his knees and then put his knee between his legs lying down.

Tips on how to have romantic intercourse

While the asanas themselves will make you feel good and connected, there are ways to make them better. Here are these tips:

  • Change your rhythm, speed and angle
  • Rely on eye language
  • Touch and interact with your partner with your hands
  • Offer weak confirmation and positive reinforcement, such as a moan or actual words
  • Use your body to give the kind of energy you want to be exchanged at that moment
  • Kiss your partner to boost excitement 






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