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qatar 2022 world cup Increases sexual desire

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With the qatar 2022 world cup approaching, the FIFA World Cup must be mentioned about the most interesting things

Not everything in the World Cup 2022 is bad for women who do not watch it, and the World Cup is not an exclusionary event for women in a dry way, as many believe. One of the research reveals amazing facts: Watching the World Cup reflects positively on the marital relationship in general and the sexual relationship in particular. Watching games, believe it or not, increases sexual motivation Not only for men but also for women.

There are several categories of women in terms of the relationship with the World Cup 2022, there are those who hate it, hate blindness, and fight it because it occupies the senses of the husband and makes him move away, as he occupies the salon of the house. All of these groups are unaware of one thing that new research has revealed: watching football creates sexual stimulation and arousal in spectators, men or women. Especially when watching joint matches!

70% of the respondents admitted that they had a very successful sexual relationship with their spouse after jointly watching a football match. This can be traced back to the tension and excitement involved in the watching process, in addition to the happiness of victory, pride, and even humiliation of loss and the desire to empty energies, but football is undoubtedly a factor that awakens hidden feelings and enhances existing feelings.

The results of the research reveal that when watching football, the proportion of male testosterone secretion increases in men, and testosterone secretion increases as the number of goals scored in the match increases, especially in the opponent’s net. The amount of the secreted hormone is also greater if the man watches the match from someone he loves and has a sexual relationship with.

According to researchers, women's sexual arousal increases when watching matches due to the players' athletic appearance, attractive masculine features, and their general virility while running sweaty on the field. According to the research, 41% of men and 35% of women reported feeling superior pleasure when having sex after watching a football match. If the World Cup, my dears, is not what you thought, it may hide many kinds of entertainment expenses in it.






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