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Sex positions names to avoid pregnancy

Sex positions names to avoid pregnancy

Sex positions names to avoid pregnancy


Are you looking for the names of sex positions to avoid pregnancy? Continue reading this buty-care article and get detailed information on this and other ways to avoid pregnancy.

When we talk about the names of sex positions that do not cause pregnancy, we are not talking about myths related to this topic, but rather we contribute to raising awareness of the positions that help deliver sperm to the egg faster or not.

In this article, I am writing to you about the names of the sex positions that prevent pregnancy and about the times of intercourse when conception cannot occur.

Sex positions names for contraception

These positions, if adopted with your husband, may prevent or at least delay pregnancy. If you intend to have children, avoid these positions:

Equestrian position:

 It is the position in which the husband sleeps on his back while his wife sits on top of him like a knight. Although this position is enjoyable for many women and men alike, it reduces the chances of pregnancy because it contributes to retaining the seminal fluid in the uterus for a short period before ejaculation due to the sitting position.

Standing position:

 In the nature of the case, it is the position that the couple practices through sexual intercourse while standing. Regardless of the direction of the position, i.e., that the spouses stand facing each other for biting or back intercourse through the husband standing behind the wife, this position does not help the pregnancy to occur because the semen may enter sufficiently into the uterus, but will slip out the moment it is ejaculated.

Jellyfish position:

 This position is characterized by the couple sitting facing each other and the hug that accompanies intimate moments. This position contributes to the delivery of the husband and wife to the highest levels of orgasm and pleasure, but, like the previous ones, it does not help to retain the semen in the uterus, and therefore there is no room for pregnancy.

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Other methods of contraception

If you are wondering about ways to reduce your chances of getting pregnant even when you are having sex with your husband, just keep reading, as I reveal a lot to you.

  1. You take birth control pills regularly
  2. Do you have intercourse during menstruation?
  3. You and your husband adopt the technique of ejaculation outside the vagina
  4. Your partner uses a condom
  5. Are you breastfeeding?
  6. You are 40 years and over






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