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strongest points that excite a woman during intimacy

What are the strongest points that excite a woman during intimacy

It may seem shocking to some men and women too when you learn that a woman's body has a lot of strong points that can cause her to be aroused during a sexual relationship. Everyone thinks it's just the famous G - spot, and the man puts his entire focus on teasing his wife through this area.

What are the strongest points that excite a woman during intimacy

So previously we gave you a comprehensive guide to the points of arousal in a woman's body that should be fondled during sexual relations, but today we highlight the most powerful of these points that will give a woman a high degree of orgasm.

Note: Always remember that successful intimacy depends mainly on the excitement of the man and the woman together, not just one of the parties.

Area U- Spot

It is an area that many women find very sensitive. They can be found in the erectile tissue around the urethra, which is the hole through which urine (and ejaculate) comes out of your body. They are located precisely above and on both sides of the urethra. By caressing this area of the woman's body, she can get the highest orgasm.

Area A- Spot

It is known as the anterior erogenous zone. It is very close to the cervix and is located just above the bladder، After area G- Spot On the same front wall of the vagina. Men can excite this area during sexual intercourse by fingering or penetrating the penis.

Note: caressing this part during intimacy may make you feel like urinating because the bladder is slightly pressed, so empty it before intimacy.

Many believe that the area of the clitoris or G- Spot is always the most important in a sexual relationship. But many men and women are unaware that the inner blades of the vagina are very powerful points of arousal. As soon as she is fondled with her fingers during intimacy, so much blood is pumped into her that she changes color and becomes darker and slightly swollen.

Area G - Spot

The G-spot is a piece of a woman's genital organ the size of a coin, located a few centimeters from the vaginal opening. The G-spot consists of a group of fibers with dense sensory bristles, the texture of which is rough, resembling the creases of the maxillary roof of the mouth. Men can provoke it either with fingers or by penetrating the penis.


This area is not a favorite of a number of women but there are others who get excited through it, so you can find out by experimenting with your husband. The cervix can be reached and aroused by penetrating deeply into the vaginal canal.






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