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The benefits of water in maintaining your skin

The benefits of water in maintaining your skin


You may forget to drink water throughout the day, and your work day may be limited to a cup of coffee or tea. These bad habits can cause you harm and may deprive you of a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Drinking water will make you a more beautiful woman.

We all know the importance of drinking ten glasses of water a day, as it is useful for revitalizing the body and muscles as well as the brain, blood vessels, digestive system and skin. Although we realize the benefits of water, we fall short in drinking it and get lazy while drinking one cup of water, but the matter is different for women, as they say water makes every woman beautiful, as it is useful in reducing their weight, improving their skin and making it more beautiful, as their bodies process The metabolism "metabolizes" well, so that with water, tumors in the feet may disappear, but women who suffer from headaches or fatigue may discover that drinking the required amount of water will mask these symptoms for them or reduce them significantly.

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Clinical Nutrition experts explain that with age, "the amount of water concentrated in the body becomes less, so water consumption decreases." Therefore, women are advised to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, and women who also exercise should drink 12 glasses of water per day, because physical activity, in addition to increasing body temperature, increases the secretion of fluids through urine and sweat. And a woman who may reach the stage of old age and reach the age of 70 years, can be satisfied with seven glasses of water, assuming that her physical activity is less than others.

The body regulates itself if water is deficient

And when we are not careful to drink the necessary amount of water, the body usually regulates itself. Experts say that in the absence of drinking water, the body gets fluids from solid food, but gradually, chronic dehydration will occur in the body, known as dehydration, which means the loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body. And when dehydration occurs, you may feel tired, headache, and yawn continuously, and in the elderly, they may feel confused at times, and those who suffer from constipation may suffer from a state of chronic dehydration, and this condition can worsen. In addition, the lack of drinking water may reduce the metabolism "metabolism" in the body, and thus this may reduce the body's ability to burn calories and in a good way, that metabolism is mainly related to drinking.

And in another interesting fact, the body mistakenly interprets the feeling of thirst as feeling hungry, so we quickly rush to the refrigerator in order to eat food instead of drinking only water, and here the results appear later in weight gain. As for the accumulation of fluids in the body, it is another case and the cause of the lack of water. Not drinking water explains to the body the occurrence of a catastrophe that may threaten the life of the individual, so the body, as the experts mentioned, defends itself from the occurrence of the disaster due to the lack of water, and therefore it preserves the fluids in it. Therefore, women, if you discover swelling in the lower part of your feet or in the face, then the reason is a lack of drinking water, and kidney and heart failure can also be a reason for the accumulation of fluids in the body, and these symptoms are not related to the lack of water.

There are many sources of water and fluids: eat them wisely!

Pimples and skin allergies

It is very easy to distinguish between a woman who drinks enough water, and a woman who abstains from drinking water. From the outside, it looks fresh, healthy and lively. However, when the body suffers from a lack of fluids, the skin may appear dry and gray in color, and be very sensitive and more prone to allergies and the appearance of pimples clear on it.

Drinking water makes you beautiful

Experts explain the fact that the skin is the last to receive the internal nourishment from the body from water, and in turn it is the first to absorb heat from the outside, moisture, dust, and environmental pollutants. So when the body is unable to provide the water it needs from the inside, and when the environment harms it from the outside, then the skin becomes weak and its texture is rough and uncomfortable.

Minerals are useful for women

The importance of drinking water is not limited only to the need for fluids, as all natural water that comes from groundwater and natural sources contains minerals, and these substances are very important for women, according to what experts said, specifically calcium and magnesium, as their absorption in the body increases by water. It is important to know that the water in industrial areas may be polluted, but the old domestic water transmission pipes can also enrich the water with unwanted minerals, so it is better to install filtration systems in the water pipes.

Water extracted from the well, which undergoes purification processes such as a special refining process using high-quality technology, from which microbial pollutants and harmful compounds such as nitrates, phosphates, and silicates are released. At the end of the purification process, minerals necessary for the body, such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride, are added to the water. This process is monitored, so that the optimal composition of the body is obtained from healthy water with important nutritional benefits.

In addition, water fortified with calcium and magnesium is a good and readily available source of the recommended daily requirement. However, calcium has a vital role in the metabolism of substances in the body, in the process of building bones and preventing osteoporosis. However, another important mineral can be found in water, which is magnesium, which indirectly contributes to improving the activity of hormones that regulate bone density, and participates in processes related to energy production and muscle activation.

Overcoming the problem of water shortage

Proper planning of drinking water on a daily basis is the best solution to overcome the difficulty of drinking water, and avoid health problems that may result from lack of water, specifically preventing obesity, dehydration, fluid retention in the body, as well as feeling tired and headache.

Experts say that tea and coffee are calculated within the daily water balance, so it is recommended to drink a bottle of water with a capacity of one and a half liters per day, which is equivalent to approximately seven cups. In addition, you drink three cups of coffee and tea daily, and it is recommended as an alternative to drinking four bottles of water with a capacity of 300 ml daily, in addition to drinking four cups of coffee and tea.

Experts also confirm that if our bodies become chronically dehydrated, and we are keen to drink an amount of water daily ranging between 9 to 10 cups, the manifestations of improvement from dehydration will appear after about three weeks, but the accumulated fluids will disappear, and the skin will look bright and healthy. More, so that the feeling of tiredness and headache will disappear, and weight loss can also occur.

Experts also confirm that even if our body is in a state of chronic dehydration, if we make sure to drink 9 to 10 glasses of water every day, we will see a significant improvement within three weeks. Accumulated fluid will disappear, skin will look more radiant and healthy, fatigue and headaches will fade, and there is a reasonable chance that the result will also be reflected in a lower body weight.






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