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The best times for intimacy

The best times for intimacy

 Sexual intercourse is one of the most important natural instincts in human life and usually you can practice it at any time. But there are certain times in the lives of both men and women that are considered to be the best times to have a pleasant intimate relationship! What is it, you see?

The best times for intimacy

A lot of studies and scientific research have been conducted that prove that there are ideal times for an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. The body releases certain sex hormones that enhance sexual performance and increase sexual desire and arousal in the couple. 

The researchers also advised specific dates to have a sexual relationship so that each of the spouses felt comfortable, enjoyed and sexually satisfied. Through this article we will mention what are the ideal times to have a wonderful intimate sexual relationship.

1. after exercise

A study conducted at the University of Texas has proven that after exercise you can have a pleasant sexual relationship because it is considered one of the ideal times. And that, despite sweat and fatigue, is very pleasant.

 That study proved that riding a bicycle for twenty minutes allows high blood flow to all the genitals. 

The percentage of sex hormones in the body may increase further, which helps to increase sexual desire at this time and the feeling that during the relationship you will be graceful and beautiful.

 In general, sports provide energy and vitality to the body and reduce the feeling of stress and all this may help to have a great intimacy.

2-in the morning

First of all, we should know that intimacy can improve your mood. 

Therefore, it is preferable to practice in the morning immediately after waking up in order to help the friendly and emotional communication between the couple throughout the day, because of the high proportion of the hormone "oxytocin" in the body during this period.

 Caress your husband when you wake up. The hormone testosterone in men is at its highest activity and this hormone is called the hormone of happiness because it is responsible for sexual performance and promotes sexual arousal quickly.

 Practicing intimacy in the morning positively affects the increase in adrenaline in the blood.

3. in the summer

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year to establish a pleasant and amazing intimate relationship so as to increase the desire and libido of the couple.

 Summer is the season of leisure, comfort and pleasure with the brightness of the sun, which is accompanied by a rise in temperature may increase cheerfulness, activity and vitality that affect the body effectively and strongly as the body secretes the sweat glands of the skin.

Blood circulation improves and blood flow increases rapidly throughout the reproductive system of men and women. Testosterone rises and may reach its highest levels in all men. The body contributes to the strengthening of vitamin "D". 

Eat Summer Fruits that help increase libido and boost sex drive such as watermelon, strawberries, and pomegranate juice.

Wearing summer clothes that highlight the femininity and elegance of women and highlight the manhood of the partner has a strong effect to provoke sexual arousal in men and women.

4 - at four o'clock in the afternoon

Having sexual intercourse at four in the afternoon is one of the best times and different ideas for a couple.The enjoyment and harmony at this time may increase even more. 

Hormone expert Alyssa ft called this time a "joy of the afternoon" because of the high hormone estrogen in men, which helps increase desire and sexual arousal.

 A woman at this time is considered to have a tremendous energy of alertness and vitality because of the high hormone cortisone. 

With the increase of these high levels of hormones, the time of three afternoons is one of the most important and ideal times that enhance performance and sex drive.

5-when you are tired

Practicing intimacy may improve the functioning of the body's immune system. Reduce the incidence of diseases and rid the body of any soreness or pain.

 Once you feel any of these diseases such as the flu virus, severe joint pain, headache pain, or disturbing menstrual symptoms.

 it's time... Ideal for a sexual relationship! This is because the practice of sexual intercourse and access to excitement and orgasm, the body releases certain hormones that act as natural painkillers to relieve the feeling of pain and prevent diseases such as the hormone oxytocin and endorphin.






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