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Types of dandruff and ways to get rid of it

Types of dandruff and ways to get rid of it

If dandruff causes you embarrassment among others, annoys you with its shape and frequent itching, you should first know its causes.

Types of dandruff and ways to get rid of it

Sometimes the appearance of dandruff is the result of diseases that affect the scalp and need medical treatment, so it is better to be diagnosed by a dermatologist.
There are also many other types of dandruff that you can easily identify and find a way to treat at home. So I'll tell you how to determine the type of dandruff and what are the ways to treat and get rid of it.

Types and causes of dandruff:

Dry skinis one of the most common types, it is caused by dry skin of the scalp, and is frequent in winter with frequent washing of hair with warm water.

Oily scalp

Not washing the hair in moderation works on the accumulation of natural oils and hair as well as dirt on the scalp, making a thin layer that causes itching and scaling, and this also happens frequently in the winter.

Fungi and bacteria

Fungus on the scalp is normal, but too many hair oils increase its presence and make it spread more, causing many white flakes.

Diseases of the scalp

As I have already mentioned, there are some diseases related to the scalp that work to increase the layers of the skin such as psoriasis and thus increase dandruff very significantly.

In order to avoid this problem dear follow with us these daily tips that by following them you will completely get rid of dandruff.

1 - use natural recipes

If you suffer dear woman from the nightmare of annoying dandruff, you should stay away from cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals because they do not eliminate dandruff completely and cause damage to the scalp.
You have to treat dandruff using some natural recipes from your life that eliminate dandruff on the scalp.

2-avoid sunlight

Constant exposure to The Sun leads to infection of the scalp with inflammation, burns and then dandruff. Honey, try to avoid exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays by wearing sun hats while going out in the daytime.
You can grease the skin of the scalp with sunscreen, as it is one of the most delicate skin areas in the body and must be taken care of to avoid the annoying dandruff.

3-do not use oily preparations

Cosmetic preparations for hair with a very high content of oils and fats increase dandruff of the scalp.
So you must stay away from it completely as it increases the secretion of oils in the scalp, which leads to the accumulation of fat and this is the main factor in the formation of dandruff.
These oily preparations such as gel, petroleum jelly and creams containing fats lead to the closure of the pores of the scalp causing the formation of a layer in the hair and skin of the head.
Avoid using shampoos rich in oils and replace them with shampoos rich in panthenol, which is a soothing and softener for hair.

4-do not wash your hair constantly

Taking care of hair is an important aesthetic matter, but excessive washing leads to damage to the scalp cells, which helps the formation of dandruff. Therefore, wash your hair only three times a week.
When washing hair, be sure to use a shampoo that is free of aryl sulfate compounds, while avoiding conditioner that contains Dimethicone. 
These manufactured compounds are dangerous and cause increased dandruff .
You can also change the type of shampoo every six months and choose Anti-Dandruff types.

5-avoid stress and maintain proper nutrition
In order to get rid of the problem of dandruff, you need to maintain a healthy and proper diet, as you have to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and take care to provide the body with vitamin.
Stay away from foods that cause allergies in the skin and thus the appearance of dandruff. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help moisturize the scalp. This while maintaining your psychological state and mood and avoiding stress and feeling anxious and stressed because it is the secretion of hormones that cause the formation of dandruff.





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