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For Snow-White feet and soft as silk here are the most successful guaranteed recipes

 For Snow-White feet and soft as silk, here are the most successful guaranteed recipes

For Snow-White feet and soft as silk here are the most successful guaranteed recipes

Snow-White feet is the dream sought by every female who cares about their beauty, shape and refined elegance, who among us does not want to have smooth, clear feet, without cracks and free of stains and pigmentation Of course, we all seek it and want to achieve it, especially that the attention of each female appears from her feet first of all, and the beauty of the feet may be seen by some as easy and simple, but this is not true.

Especially in light of exposure to a variety of factors between the climate and wearing inappropriate shoes that help to cause cracks and other things that cause the feet a set of problems in which the female makes a great effort to get rid of them, and get prominent feet with their beauty, whiteness and softness are very necessary and important also for this must be a woman or female in general starting from adolescence to take care of them and their body and shape in general to exceed a set of aesthetic problems later.

For Snow-White feet and soft as silk here are the most successful guaranteed recipes

Adopt natural recipes for Snow-White feet:

Natural recipes for the feet

White feet is one of the operations that must be done by women and not neglected and carried out periodically, at least twice a month, operations of peeling, renewal, cleaning and moisturizing to remove all dead cells and give an opportunity to renew them, and contribute to make them look the image that all women aspire to.

It is a natural recipes that are safe on the body and skin, which has been tried by many and gave very important results, and we have chosen in turn through your favorite magazine”Arab Women magazine” to suggest you these selected recipes that work to whiten the feet and make them bright and soft and free from the problems of spots and pigmentation and also those cracks that lose their beauty, which must be applied strictly with care in order to obtain a perfect result found distinctive.

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For Snow-White feet here is the recipe for coffee and lemon:

Coffee recipe for Snow-White feet

Among the natural recipes that have achieved great demand by women for snow-white feet, this recipe that we will suggest you madam, which contains simple ingredients available to you at home, has achieved important results, and you can try it to get a great result in whitening feet, which consists of a tablespoon of instant coffee.

Add a spoonful of fine flour and a amount of lemon juice to mix the ingredients, after you get a homogeneous mixture put it on the feet and leave it to feel that it is completely dry, then remove it using warm water with light rubbing to remove the mixture and then rinse well and do not forget to repeat the recipe at least twice a week until you achieve the result you want to achieve.

For Snow-White feet and soft as silk here are the most successful guaranteed recipes


Turmeric and honey recipe to whiten and soften feet :

Turmeric and cough recipe

Natural recipes are always one of the things that many women turn to to get a special attraction, especially that the recipes do not cause side effects, are safe for health and body, and are important for snow-white feet, and among the recipes that have achieved great success is the recipe of turmeric, which has been tried by a lot of women.

Which consists of a tablespoon of turmeric powder, a spoonful of natural honey and a spoonful of lemon, then mix Madam these ingredients and apply on your feet and leave 30 minutes and then rinse and do not forget to repeat the recipe every day for a week and you will see the tremendous result that you will get .

Vaseline and lemon recipe for Snow-White feet :

Lemon and petroleum jelly recipe

The Vaseline ingredient is always popular by people, especially with regard to natural recipes that are very important for a smooth and clear body and skin, and among the recipes that have been tried and gave perfect results, for snow-white feet, is the special and distinctive combination of petroleum jelly and lemon in whitening feet.

Which you can Madam experience by mixing a suspension of Vaseline with a spoon of starch and a spoon of lemon and mix well and then apply the mixture on your feet and wear a plastic answer and above your normal socks and leave the mixture for the whole night on your feet, then rinse in the morning you will see that when removed will be gone a large amount of dead cells as well as softness and whiteness who will see it for the first time.

Important advice:

After that Madam try one of the recipes for whitening feet and did not find that it achieved you the result you want, you can try another recipe, natural recipes are diverse and different and also vary from person to person according to the quality of the skin, may succeed with you recipe but will not succeed with other women, but most often recipes achieve positive results but with medicated course, as they remain recipes and mixtures simple, safe and harmless and have no side effects.






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