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Lack of vitamin D in the body 3 natural remedies that eliminate it

 Lack of vitamin D in the body 3 natural remedies that eliminate it

Lack of vitamin D in the body 3 natural remedies that eliminate it

Lack of vitamin D in the body 3 natural remedies that eliminate it

Vitamin D deficiency is among the serious diseases suffered by women in particular, which is known as the lack of the amount of this vitamin is very important for health in the body of women, as a result of several factors that may be exposed to women and lead to this problem, including pregnancy, where women in this period are more likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which is among the very important vitamins.

In addition, there are a group of women who are exposed to this deficiency as a result of not being exposed to enough sunlight for the body, which causes vitamin D deficiency in the body, and not eating foods that contain this vitamin also causes severe deficiency at the body level, in addition to gastrointestinal diseases, they lead to vitamin D deficiency at the body level.

Recognize the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in the body:

Symptoms of the disease

Among the symptoms that a person has vitamin D deficiency in the body, especially among women who are considered the most susceptible to it, is the feeling of permanent fatigue and fatigue in addition to pain in the bones, joints and back pain, feeling depressed and sad, in addition to hair loss very strongly, and the frequent incidence of diseases including colds, sneezing and coughing, and other symptoms that appear on the patient, which requires consulting a doctor first of all, to determine how bad the condition is and thus determine how to treat it.

Apply the doctor's tips strictly to treat the disease:

Apply doctor tips

If they require rapid medical treatments must be adopted immediately and follow the doctor's advice in an orderly manner and without neglecting the situation, to eliminate this disease, which is dangerous, especially that the lack of vitamin D in the body causes a lot of health problems, as it is very important in strengthening the body's immunity and keep the human from becoming vulnerable to infection and easy infection with various health dilemmas, but if the cases are simple, you can adopt some simple natural remedies that contain inexpensive materials that help to treat this deficiency and we suggest you through your favorite magazine “Arab Women magazine” three treatments.

Treatment of dried figs and milk for vitamin D deficiency:

Treatment of dried figs and milk

Among the natural remedies that have proven effective in treating the deficiency of this vitamin in the body, which has been tried by several people, especially among women, is this remedy that we will propose to you, which contains simple ingredients available in all homes, which are natural materials inexpensive, just take a quantity of dried figs and put it in a quantity of hot water for two hours, then remove it from the water and cut it into small pieces.

Then put it in an electric blender and add a amount of milk, and grind it all until you get a homogeneous drink, after eating it 3 times a day to 5, it is one of the drinks that will help you in the treatment of the problem of vitamin D deficiency in the body, in addition to that this treatment is very mighty in providing the body with immunity also, makes the function of the digestive system series, and most importantly it provides vitamin D in the body significantly.

Boiled fenugreek pills help treat vitamin D deficiency:

Treatment of fenugreek decoction

You can madam to get rid of the problem of lack of vitamin D in the body, by applying this mighty natural treatment that we propose to you, which is one of the very simple treatments that will not cost you much, and that gives an effective and wonderful result, as it is enough to Madam to provide a quantity of fenugreek seeds very in the body and eliminate it.

Treatment of fresh thyme and mint :

Usage of fresh thyme

Among the natural recipes and treatments that can be adopted to eliminate the problem of this disease in the body, is this treatment that we will propose to you after the effectiveness proved by many people, especially among women, the treatment is the adoption of a quantity of fresh green thyme and fresh mint also can add a quantity of parsley leaves, whether shortage only strengthens The immune system too.

Important advice:

You can rely on herbs and natural ingredients in the treatment of a range of diseases, including this disease in which vitamin D is deficient, which is one of the vitamins very important for health, and among these herbs there is also chamomile, which works to treat many diseases and eliminate them, as well as its distinctive property in the treatment of depression, which is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency in the body, in addition to that chamomile tea calms the nerves a lot, but provided that you do not waste or excessive use of all herbs and not only chamomile.






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