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Whitening face here you will find 4 masks that make you like the moon

 Whitening face here you will find 4 masks that make you like the moon

Whitening face here you will find 4 masks that make you like the moon

Whitening the face is the dream that every female wants to achieve, as the beauty of the face of the beauty of women, skin care and the elimination of its problems is one of the basic meals that women should not neglect, especially that clear and flawless skin is evidence that women are interested in themselves and their beauty, elegance and look that makes them proud of themselves first and foremost.

In order to achieve this, which is a dream for every woman, it is necessary to implement something important first, which is to pay attention to the inner side of the skin before the outer, and this is manifested in proper and healthy nutrition, which women must give great importance, as the beauty of the skin stems first from the inside, the more healthy nutrition and healthy materials, the more positively reflected externally on the face.

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 take care of your skin by choosing a healthy diet:

Whitening the face with a diet

After the skin care is to choose an important and good and healthy diet and apply it correctly, here you can go to skin care from the outside side, and whitening the face is not manifested in the choice of cosmetics that are expensive, but can adopt only the right thing without side effects, and here we talk about natural recipes that are among the important substances that can be resorted to to get clear skin free of problems.

It is a natural material available in all homes and can not cause side effects of the skin, only must be applied in the specified amounts to get the perfect results Satisfactory and without fear of side effects, and among these recipes NTR you this group that you can apply from which suits you madam to get a clear and problem-free skin.

avocado and honey recipe for Face Whitening:

Whitening with avocado

Among the proven and guaranteed recipes that gave tremendous results and very effective for a group of women in whitening the face, is the recipe avocado, which is one of the fruits rich in a range of vitamins and health benefits for the skin and the treatment of various problems whatever, which we offer you Madam through these lines to try them and discover :

1 - recipe ingredients for Face Whitening :

You can madam to rely on the face whitening recipe on 3 teaspoons of natural honey and two tablespoons of avocado pureed and soft and then two tablespoons of natural olive oil and add to the mixture a spoonful of banana pureed and soft, which are simple ingredients and do not cost you much.

2 - How to use the recipe to whiten the face:

Mix all these ingredients until they are well combined and become a creamy mixture, then clean your skin well and then put on the mask and leave for 20 minutes, and then wash your skin with warm water well and then pass a piece of ice to close the pores and you must repeat this recipe at least 3 times a week to get the perfect result as you want .

recipe for yagurt and turmeric :

Use of turmeric

The recipe of turmeric and yagort is among the simple natural recipes that you can Madam adopt to get a clear skin free of defects and impurities and adopted in the whitening of the face, which makes your face very soft and white, and eliminates all the spots that may appear in the skin or neck, just must be applied in the right way to get the desired result, especially that this recipe has been tried by a lot of women who expressed its wonderful advantage in the treatment of skin problems and we offer you madam to try it in your turn.

1 - recipe ingredients for Face Whitening:

You can madam to apply this special recipe for whitening the face to rely on a spoonful of natural yagurt with a teaspoon of turmeric ground and fine and a teaspoon of natural honey and then add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel, these ingredients are available and can be obtained easily and do not cost much, which is one of the ingredients that contribute strongly to whitening the face and make it like the moon.

2. method of preparation and use :

Take Madam all the ingredients that we have mentioned for you then mix them well until they homogenize and become a smooth and homogeneous mixture, then apply it on your face and on the neck also if you want, using a soft brush or fingers of the hand that must be clean, then leave the mixture on the skin for up to 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water and then cold water and dry your skin with a cotton cloth, preferably repeating the recipe two to three times a week to get that result you want.

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oatmeal and lemon mask for whitening the face :

Use of oats

Oatmeal recipe is one of the most recipes that women choose to whiten the skin, as it is very strong in removing dark spots and melasma that is formed on the skin of women as a result of a set of factors, which is one of the recipes that have been tried by many and we thanked as it achieves that result that we are all looking for, which is to get a clear skin free of defects and impurities and very whiteness, which we chose to suggest you madam to try it and thus get an effective result in whitening the face .

1 - recipe ingredients for Face Whitening:

You will need for this special recipe in the serenity of the skin, which is one of the powerful and very distinctive recipes in cleaning the skin and treatment of its problems, one cup of ground and well-cooked oats, in addition to a teaspoon of natural honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice, which are simple ingredients and available everywhere and you can adopt them effortlessly to get that result you want in whitening the face.

2 - How to use the recipe to whiten the face:

Take Madam oatmeal cooked well and put it in a small pot then add honey and also lemon juice and mix well until you see that all the elements homogenized and became a mixture of one, then put the mask on your skin and distribute it evenly, then leave it on your skin for 15 minutes then do a facial massage circular movements until you can create a scrub from the mixture on your skin, and then rinse with cold water, and do not forget to repeat the recipe once a week to purify the skin and also treat its multiple problems, and get an effective result in whitening the face.

Important advice:

The process of whitening the face is one of the most important things that women care about and seek, especially that the smoothness and whiteness of the face indicate the beauty of women and elegant elegance, which is one of the characteristics that can not be dispensed with or replaced, but the purification of the skin and its beauty purity can not be achieved overnight or by adopting a natural recipe only once, but is a process that requires a lot of time and maintenance on the recipe for a long time, until the result appears, which often needs between 20 days to at least a month, and the sudden cessation of the use of the recipe may restore the skin to M or more.






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