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The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

 The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

Bad breath is one of the most annoying things to an individual and causes him embarrassment in front of others, because it is annoying to them, and makes people alienate him, especially if it is at gatherings, whether at work, school, university, or even in transportation and the street, and this phenomenon varies and varies from person to person, as it expresses the fact that a person is characterized by bad habits that make himself smell bad.

There are those who suffer from it because they eat some foods that are the main cause of this unpleasant smell, and there are those who appear because they suffer from several health problems, whether at the level of the mouth, teeth, gums or at the level of the digestive system, and so that we know more about this health dilemma, its causes and how to get rid of it, here are all the details in this article from your favorite magazine “buty-care.”

Causes of the spread of bad breath in people:

Since bad breath is considered one of the most ridiculous things that a person may suffer from, and it is not only embarrassing for him, but it is annoying for everyone around him, and even to bring you closer to the reasons that lead to the appearance of this bad smell in some people, follow us with the details in these simple basic points, which are manifested as follows :

1-poor dental hygiene is an important cause of this odor:

Among the bad things that lead to bad breath is poor dental hygiene, which is one of the most common and common main causes among individuals, and not cleaning and caring for teeth makes the remnants of food and its small particles stick and stick to the teeth and all over the mouth, and then bacteria then cut and break down those particles that turn into a sticky layer without color that sticks to the teeth.

They are called dental plaques or what is known as the plaque layer, and when they still lead to irritation of the gums and also lead to infections, and because of that layer called plaque, that bad smell is emitted from the mouth, in addition to the tongue leads to the emission of bad smell as well, as bad breath is caused by the problem of tooth decay .

2-eating certain certain substances causes this problem:

Among the main reasons that lead to the spread of bad breath, is the person's desire to eat and drink certain foods that have strong odors, including eating garlic or onions, as well as a group of spices such as Curry, a group of Fish and types of cheeses, in addition to a group of liquids that contain an acidic amount such as coffee, which is the cause of the appearance of an unpleasant odor, either because it is associated with the formation of bacteria at the level of teeth or because it causes problems at the level of the gastrointestinal tract.

3-the habit of fasting causes bad breath :

It is known that fasting is one of the causes that lead to bad breath, due to the decomposition of a group of fats, as well as the emission of ketones within what is scientifically called ketoacidosis, and this is what makes the same fasting person be unpleasant throughout the day, and disappears as soon as a person kisses for breakfast, and this smell is considered temporary or seasonal because it does not remain permanently, as it goes away as soon as a person breaks the fast.

4 - dry mouth is one of the causes of this problem:

One of the reasons leading to the spread of bad breath, which many people suffer from, is the infection of the mouth with dryness, and this is due to the lack of saliva in the mouth, which leads to the mouth not being moistened in the proper and required way, and thus leads to the cessation of the process of cleaning the mouth on its own and eliminating all the food residues that remain stuck and also removing all the dead cells that accumulate significantly on the tongue and also on the gums and in the soles of the cheeks and thus decompose and turn into an unpleasant and irritating odor .

5-infections are one of the causes of this problem :

The infections that a person gets at the oral level lead to the appearance of gum diseases of all kinds, and this leads to an unpleasant odor at the oral level, and this requires the necessary and immediate health care process among specialists in this field to treat various infections, no matter how simple, and eliminate them definitively from the mouth so as not to cause serious diseases that are difficult to treat and exceed the spread of bad breath.

The causes of bad breath and the solution to get rid of them permanently

The most important tips for getting rid of this health problem:

Tips for getting rid of them

When a person suffers from gum, mouth and teeth problems, which are one of the most widespread main causes in the world, in this health problem, here you find the person suffering from this dilemma is exposed to permanent embarrassment, especially at work, in front of his colleagues and also with various people around him, for this experts and specialists in this field always advise everyone who suffers from this problem to solve it in a quick time before it worsens and becomes more serious than it is, and we, in turn, will give you a set of important tips that you can follow to get rid of bad breath permanently and eliminate it.

* To eliminate them, you can resort as a first step to washing and cleaning your teeth after each meal or at least cleaning them twice a day before bedtime and when waking up, for two minutes using a paste and a toothbrush that should be soft and healthy so as not to cause gum infections, changing them at least every 3 months .

* Cleaning the tongue is one of the important things that eliminate it, and it is preferable that this process is done on a daily basis using a tongue cleaner called abrasive, and also cleaning dentures well in people who use them and removing them before bedtime with drinking plenty of water to fight dryness in the mouth.

* Relying on mouthwash permanently because it is considered a temporary solution for people who cannot wash their teeth in some places, such as a bus, train or others, the mouthwash works well here, but it cannot be enough just because the process of cleaning teeth should be done as soon as you get home with a brush, paste and floss to remove food debris from between the teeth.

* Refrain from using tobacco products to eliminate them, as they are one of the main substances that contribute to making the mouth smell bad, in addition to alcoholic beverages, smoking and everything that contains caffeine, as they make the mouth dry and avoid eating foods that are classified among foods with an unpleasant smell, such as garlic and onions.

* One of the important tips that eliminate this problem is the adoption of natural remedies available in all homes, including mint leaves, parsley leaves and frankincense after eating food or drinks that contain a strong smell, with a large amount of water to protect the mouth from dehydration.

* It is also possible to rely on a set of medical products prescribed by the dentist, which work to remove this problem and also stimulate the production of saliva in a natural way in the whole body, and it also works to stop artificial saliva when a person is chronically dehydrated, in addition to visiting the dentist at least twice a year to do a comprehensive dental examination and repair what needs it.






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