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9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

 9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet
9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

Are you neglecting to take care of your feet Your feet need your attention just as much as your face, hair, or body. This is because they carry your body weight all day and collect a lot of dust and dirt.

Coconut oil is a magical ingredient that can help you have healthy hair, skin and nails. The habit of coconut oil foot massage can also provide you with multiple benefits.

Read on to find out its benefits, uses and the best time to use coconut oil for feet.

Can coconut oil be applied to the feet at night?

It is good to apply warm coconut oil to your feet before bedtime. This will give your feet enough time to absorb the oil and rejuvenate.

During busy days, you may not have enough time to apply oil to your feet, relax and wait for the oil to absorb. So, do not forget to pamper them at night. Proper cleaning and oil massage of your feet before bedtime will not only preserve the softness and beauty of your feet, but also improve blood circulation.

According to a study, applying coconut extract to human skin can enhance its function as a protective barrier. Besides nourishing and protecting your skin, oil massage also helps to relax the muscles of your feet, soothe inflammation and reduce stress or pain.

Regular massage with coconut oil at night retains moisture and protects your skin from drying out. Massaging your feet with warm coconut oil prevents cracking of the heels and keeps them soft.

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

How to massage your feet with coconut oil at night?

Following a good coconut oil massage routine can give you soft and smooth feet, crack-free heels, and healthy and shiny nails. To get the most out of coconut oil massage, here are some simple steps to follow:

The first step: cleaning

First, you need to remove all the dirt from your feet with soapy water. Clean your feet thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel.

The second step: massage

1. Get ready for a massage: sit comfortably on your bed and stretch your legs. Massage your feet one by one. For a more relaxing experience, use warm oil. You can،

2. Apply a few drops of oil to each foot and massage with a firm hand.

3. Start massaging your soles first, between the toes and your feet, including the ankle.

4. Use small circular motions to massage the oil and gently press on each toe.

5. Do long strokes on your feet and lower legs. Pat gently.

6. Continue the massage for at least 5-10 minutes per foot for a better effect.

Step three: remove the excess

After the massage, if you feel that your feet have a lot of oil on them, take an old towel and gently pat your feet to remove the excess. But do not rub with a towel and wipe off the oil completely.

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

What are the benefits of applying coconut oil to your feet?

There are multiple benefits of coconut oil massage or products containing coconut oil on your body. Coconut oil has antimicrobial, moisturizing and healing properties to improve barrier function and rejuvenate your skin. Being rich in vitamin E and loaded with antioxidants, coconut oil massage improves the overall health of your feet and body as well.

Here are some of the main benefits of regular massage with coconut oil:

1. Softer feet with strong and healthy nails

Due to carelessness, especially during the winter, moisture drains from your feet, which makes you prone to heel cracks and brittle nails. Since coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and natural proteins, it helps repair damaged skin cells. Regular oil massage will lock in the moisture of your skin, prevent cracking of your heels, and you can have soft and moisturized feet.

It also eliminates sores, corns and toenails. To improve the health of your nails, you can apply a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil to your nails and massage gently for at least 5 minutes. Follow this nail massage routine for just a few days, and you will get stronger and shiny nails.

2. Foot health

Regular massage with oil is an easy way to keep your feet healthy and prevent many foot problems. It helps to strengthen the muscles of your legs around your feet, makes them more elastic, reduces pain in the ankles or heels. The habit of regular massage with oil can make your ankle strong and elastic, saving you from unpleasant ankle and foot injuries.

3. Prevents bacterial and fungal infections

Regular massage with coconut oil can protect your feet from bacterial and fungal infections. The protective barrier function of coconut oil helps you avoid ringworm, eczema, nail fungus and redness.

4. Works as a natural deodorant

The presence of antibacterial components in coconut oil helps prevent odor-causing bacteria on your feet. Keeps your feet and shoes free of unpleasant odors.

5. Provides deeper sleep

Another benefit of massaging the feet before bed is to improve the quality of your sleep and increase the time of deep sleep.


Soothing and relaxing massage with coconut oil all over the acupressure points of your feet helps to release tension and relax the nerves, so you can get a restful sleep.

6. Improves blood circulation

With busy lifestyles, most people spend a large part of their day sitting in front of their workstations and get little chance to get around. This disrupts proper blood circulation and leads to multiple health problems. This can be avoided by regular massage with oil before bedtime.

The routine of gently massaging your feet with coconut oil for 5 to 10 minutes before bedtime can improve the circulatory system. This habit is very useful for people with diabetes .

7. Reduce stress and anxiety

Regular foot massage before bedtime is very helpful in managing stress and anxiety. A study shows that even a 5-Minute foot massage can help lower your stress levels.

Foot massage activates pressure points on the soles of your feet. This helps reduce body tension, stress and anxiety . Even a 10-minute massage per foot once or twice a week can show a noticeable change in your stress level and help control blood pressure.

Did you know

Regular foot massage with warm coconut oil before bed can help relax your nerves, helping to treat Restless Leg Syndrome. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, a daily massage with oil can help improve your condition.

8. Improves energy levels

Some research shows that foot massage can help reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels. By improving blood circulation and stimulating nerve function, foot massage can also help you resist distraction and improve concentration.

9. Reduces foot pain

Massage with coconut oil is very useful for calming inflammation and relieving any kind of pain and pressure in your feet. The regular habit of foot massage with a special emphasis on the ankle helps to relax the tense muscles of your foot and your entire body. Massaging your feet with warm coconut oil can relieve inflammation caused by foot tendonitis. Foot massage can reduce the risk and effect of edema .

9 benefits of coconut oil for feet
9 benefits of coconut oil for feet

When and how often should you apply coconut oil to your feet?

Usually regular foot massage with regular or warm coconut oil has many benefits. Before bedtime is the most suitable time to apply oil to your feet as your skin gets enough time to absorb the oil.


If you think that oil can stain your bed sheet, you can spread an old towel under your feet or wear socks before going to bed.

Frequent massage with oil not only improves the overall health of your feet, but also provides many other health benefits within a short period of time. You need to massage coconut oil for only 5 – 10 minutes per foot. If you find it difficult to apply coconut oil daily, you can use it 3-5 times a week. This will also provide benefits for your feet.


Coconut oil is a cheap and effective massage oil. Applying coconut oil daily to your feet can be a great treatment and give you smooth, smooth feet effortlessly. To get nourishment from coconut oil, you can also choose coconut oil foot treatment creams . The habit of daily foot massage will enhance your overall health, blood circulation, energy levels, concentration, along with providing nutrition.






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