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Sea-scented perfumes for summer 2022

Sea-scented perfumes for summer 2022

Sea-scented perfumes for summer 2022

Sea-scented perfumes for summer 2022

There are a lot of women's perfumes that deserve the title of the best, inspired by the smell of the sea, which is represented by fresh grass, salty air and sun cream... To transport the woman at the first splash to the most beautiful summer beaches around the world. If you are a fan of the smell of the sea, follow us in this article, where we have a collection of perfumes with the smell of the sea for the summer of 2022, to choose from what suits you best.

Ambra perfume from Aqua di Parma

This elegant evening fragrance features a salty scent that mixes marine mammals, Musk and amber, along with sandalwood, bergamot and orange, with a soft touch of Rose and patchouli. It is a bold and unique fragrance that is worth experimenting with.

Un Jardin sur la Lagoon perfume from Hermes

This Hermes perfume is as light as a sea breeze, but its scent lasts for many hours. It is a wonderful combination of floral and woody scents, but includes an unmistakable smell of salty sea air. And at the first sip of it, it will transport you to Brighter Summer mornings and fun holidays with friends.

Neroli Portofino Acqua perfume by Tom Ford

American designer Tom Ford has presented a full range of perfumes inspired by the beauty of the Italian Riviera, including the Neroli Portofino Acqua, a vibrant fragrance that blends citrus, Amber and the azure waters of the Portofino Coast.

Aqua Celestia perfume by Maison Francis karkdjian

Maison Francis karkadjian luxury perfumes have always been a favorite among lovers of sea scents, and this particular fragrance is inspired by the smell of the sea, it is a combination of mimosa flowers, cold mint, black currant and lemon with a touch of Musk.

Virgin Island water perfume by Creed

This fragrance is inspired by the summer wind that dances over the ocean, its tropical scent represents the perfect recreation and vacation on one of the luxury yachts in the Caribbean, it mixes the aromas of coconut, ylang-ylang and lemon juice. This fragrance is refreshing and light, ideal for hot atmospheres. 






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