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9 beauty products not to give up in your bag before the fall of 2022

 9 beauty products not to give up in your bag before the fall of 2022  

9 beauty products not to give up in your bag before the fall of 2022

Before the fall of 2022, there are many aesthetic preparations that are indispensable in your daily looks and it is necessary to use them to maintain the purity of your skin and to allocate daily care to its surface before applying makeup, through creams, aesthetic oils and even concealers, choose the newest lotions that will be a priority in your bag.

We have selected 9 aesthetic products for you that you should not give up in your bag before the fall of 2022, and be sure to choose many pens and ingredients that guarantee you a bright look.

Creams for eye care

Taking daily care of your eye contour is one of your main priorities before the fall of 2022, because this area is more prone to wrinkles, blemishes and the appearance of dark circles. Be sure to put Givenchy Le Soin Noir Eye lotion in your bag and gently pass it over the outer corner of the eye without putting too much pressure on the skin.

Creams to get rid of a pale face

Besides, the best creams can be chosen to get rid of pale face. And use YSL Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream, which is able to fight the pallor of the face and return radiance to it, as well as remove signs of fatigue and lack of freshness thanks to its vitamin C-based formula, which brightens the skin and makes it more radiant.

Sunscreen cream

One of the essential preparations that you should choose to enjoy a healthy and more youthful skin in autumn 2022 is the skincare routine through the use of Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream Nude Glow Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm SPF 10 PA+, which you must put in your bag before leaving the house to protect the surface of your skin from lines that lead to sagging and melasma.

Black eyeliner lines

The most annoying thing when you are out of the house is to see runny eyeliner and irregular black liner lines on the upper side of the eyelids. Therefore, put the Dolce & GABBANA High Definition Eyeliner Stylo liquid liner pen in the bag to treat external deposits that damage the contours.

Nourishing oil for lips

If you want to get out of the house without applying any special lip products or colors, use Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint in oil N5 Cherry my cherry nourishing lip oil, which guarantees hydration to your lips, enhances their radiance and provides protection and shine that lasts all day. These lotions also help to highlight the volume of the lips naturally and strikingly.

Thick layers of mascara

And one of the lotions that you do not give up in your bag for the fall of 2022 is the passage of dense and black mascara lines that give you a special radiance. Thicken your soft lashes with MASCARACHANEL Le Volume De Chanel Mascara, which increases the breadth and volume of the eyes with an even drawing from the top to the bottom of the eyelashes.

Vivid bronze blusher

Also pack the bronze blusher from Dior Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder in your bag to give freshness and vitality to the features. Pass this lotion horizontally on the bone of the apples of the cheeks, starting from the nose to the ears. And blend the blusher in a circular way to get puffy and prominent cheeks throughout the day.

Moisturize hands continuously

Far from dryness, cracks, the appearance of signs, fatigue and aging, it is necessary to moisturize the hands by choosing the right care product for them and moisturize them 3 times a day through the cream containing vitamins from Chanel Body Excellence Nourishing and Rejuvenating Hand Cream to get rid of dead cells.

A rich women's fragrance with Rose and Musk

For Fall 2022 looks, the newest women's fragrance from Si Fiori by Giorgio Armani, suitable for daytime hours, is enriched with green mandarin, black currant, Rose and patchouli, along with notes of vanilla, citrus, Musk and Rose.






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