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Gucci unveils a new line of cheerful furnishings and household items

 Gucci unveils a new line of cheerful furnishings and household items

The Italian international house Gucci wants to help you lavishly decorate your living room as you buy and dress from it, the principle from which it launched a new line of cheerful home furnishings and pieces.

In a beautifully manicured garden "the backdrop of the new campaign represented sophistication, luxury and excellence", the creative director of the House, Alessandro Michele, launched the new decor collection inspired by nature in a wonderful photographic campaign, of unique pieces, designed to highlight living spaces.

And between elegant chairs and pillows, wallpaper with floral prints and bright roses, Crystal cutlery and candles, the new "Gucci Decor" line is diverse, in a collection that will charm all women who want to equip and decorate their homes with paper luxury.

Alessandro Michele's latest home line draws a lot of inspiration from plants and animals, a source of inspiration that is very evident in the photography of the campaign for the latest line of decoration, which is characterized by its bright and cheerful colors such as mint green and bright pink.

The new d├ęcor collection of the Italian fashion house brings its unique and vibrant style from the wardrobe to your home in a range of objects, decorative pieces and furniture, including chairs, pillows, wallpaper, ceramic tableware and upholstery.

Although the brand has presented household items since 2017, this collection is the first to offer candles in metal containers with lids, available in 4 different fragrances, along with candles in porcelain and ceramic pots.

The luxury collection also includes ceramic trays and boxes with designs of patterns such as butterflies and flowers, with great flow and elegance.

Meanwhile, the cutlery in the new line includes crystal glasses and silver nickel cutlery in The Shape of a lion and a bee, which bear the signature of the Italian brand.

The pillows in the new decor collection bring a wonderful energy of fun with the famous GG-monogram designs.

Even the blankets in the collection are designed with distinction and high contrast with the signature monogram "Gucci" and are made of luxurious wool, silk and linen materials.

The chairs of the New Line are upholstered and have legs made of beech wood, many of them feature a front made of corrugated silk and a back of cotton jacquard fabric decorated with flowers, in an eighteenth-century design and soft and cheerful colors such as pink, cyan and green.

And, of course, the Gucci monogram logo appears throughout the collection, embroidered on blankets, pillows and decorated on numerous trays, cutlery and other diverse and unique pieces of decor.

Photos from the official website of Gucci






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