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The House of Elie Saab launches The New Girl of now Lovely perfume

The House of Elie Saab launches The New Girl of now Lovely perfume

The House of Elie Saab launches The New Girl of now Lovely perfume

Elie Saab is known for an artistic style driven by optimism, and the exceptional flowers that adorn his designs and the world of roses from which his perfumes are inspired testify to the spirit of fluidity and smoothness that has been associated with the name of the House. This is most elegantly manifested in the liberated Resort Collection, which gives a new meaning to the art of life, just like the girl of now Lovely perfume.

Inspired by the same vitality that motivates fashion designer Elie Saab, the girl of Now perfume brings the colors of life to a new suit to reveal a combination of orange blossom, with notes of almond syrup that suggest optimism. This tale continues with the fourth aromatic masterpiece that pulsates with color!

Perfumers harnessed their talent to create fantasy flowers that surpass the flowers of nature in distinction, and created the flower "Ormond" exclusively for Elie Saab, which mixes the delicacy of gentle orange blossom with bitter white almonds.

"The Girl of now Lovely perfume has a special classic charm, and at the same time it exudes a youthful spirit,"commented the skilled perfumer Dominique robion. This new and soft fragrance bears the signature of perfumer Dominique robion, who conceived it as a refreshing whiff that pulsates with color.

The top notes overflow with the joy of nature. The fragrance opens with refreshing Mandarin notes, with a combination of mint and wild black currant buds with their pungent aroma, eucalyptus rosemary and galbanum. It is indeed a unique garden with a touch of madness, thanks to the notes of delicious pears that bring tenderness to the combination. The heart of the fragrance is floral with a captivating bouquet, in which Orange Blossom meets notes of Rose, captivating honey, frangipani blossom, anise and almond.

We arrive at the back notes that pulsate with two faces of patchouli, the first sharp and the second warm, inspired by Amber. Ambroxan and tonka bean add a soft touch to the aromatic combination that suggests soft wood, similar to Sandalwood, touching the skin with all softness.

This fragrance draws a smile on faces thanks to its combination of different and contrasting elements, but in perfect harmony between the notes of roses and the notes of fruits.

Girl of Now Lovely
 Girl of Now Lovely

The girl who shines with the fragrance Girl of now Lovely lives under the motto of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary. She does not settle for giving up anything, lives her life to her liking, always looking for what brings joy to her heart. The girl who shines with the girl of now Lovely fragrance has a character that kidnaps hearts, she lives life moment by moment with all her heartache. This is evidenced by the advertising campaign, the girl captivates the beholder with her charming smile and refined look. Her green ruffled dress, on the other hand, suggests a modern adventure amidst a field of flowers.

The girl of now Lovely perfume, the fourth edition of colorful packaging that flirts with the senses, suggests the precious menodiere bag. The new version of this iconic packaging blooms in a dreamy two-color palette, the liquid comes to life in Coral Pink, while the lid is decorated with an extraordinary girl of Now flower with light green petals, quenching the rebellious thirst of youth for freedom.

This packaging suggests the whirlpool of life, and this is evidenced by the grooved design that reflects light without limits. The playful case is decorated with a swirl of the same extraordinary flowers, but in vibrant colors that include coral pink, light green and greenish-blue, like a bouquet of colorful flowers. As for the final touch, the name of Girl of now Lovely ELIE SAAB is written on the package in gold letters.

It is noteworthy that the girl of now Lovely perfume by Elie Saab is now available at: Arig, Debenhams, Lyall, Galerie Lafayette, Triano and faces.






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