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Tom Cruise biography

 Tom Cruise biography

Date of birth: July 3, 1962  Zodiac sign: Gemini  Nationality: American

Date of birth: July 3, 1962

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Nationality: American


Upbringing and family life

Tom Cruise is an actor and film producer who is one of the most prominent Hollywood stars in the world of world cinema, his full name is Thomas Cruise mabuther, he was born in the neighborhood of "Syracuse" in New York. His father "Thomas Cruz" works as an electrical engineer while his mother "Mary Lee mabuther" works as a teacher. He has three sisters, "Lee in" who works in marketing, and "Marianne" who works as a teacher, while "Cass" owns a private restaurant in New Jersey.


Tom Cruise's family was constantly moving between Canada and the USA because of his father's profession, which caused a significant deterioration in Tom's educational level due to instability and moving from one school to another, and this upset his mother a lot and they separated. Tom lived with his mother in Kentucky and from here Tom Cruise took charge of his mother and three sisters, but after his mother's marriage he moved with her to reside in New Jersey.


His studies

The World star Tom Cruise studied at a Catholic boarding school and there he joined the school theater despite his passion for wrestling and his burning desire to be a professional wrestler, but he injured his knee when he was 16 years old and had to give up his dream. When he joined the theater and became famous among his colleagues, they encouraged him to act, and indeed Tom Cruise discovered at that time that he had a keen desire to enter the acting field. When he turned 18, he graduated from high school and wanted to look for stardom and decided to move to New York again in order to seek the limelight and fame.


Artistic launch

The moment Tom Cruise arrived in New York, he applied for acting auditions, which he read in the newspapers, but he was not accepted, and then he decided to go to television, but his attempts also failed because his beauty level was below the required limit. With Tom Cruise's constant attempts, he succeeded this time and persuaded the agent to convince the director to accept him in a small role in the film Endless Love, After spending every dollar he had. Already Tom Cruise got his first movie role, but did not achieve the desired success and received a small amount from his performance in this film. After the end of the payment, he decided to return to his family after he became without money, and then one of the producers offered him a role in the film Taps after one of the other actors apologized for the role. This was a great opportunity for Cruz to start his artistic career and he began to receive other small roles within two years until he got the comedy starring role in the film "Risky Business", which he transferred to another area altogether.


The works of art that made him a box office star began to follow, and he was nominated for three Academy Awards and received more than one Golden Globe Award. His most famous international works include Top Gun, Cocktail, Magnolia, the Firm, Oblivion, The Last Samurai, War of the Worlds and Mission: Impossible III.


His married life

The World star Tom Cruise married more than once, the first marriage was with the artist Mimi Rogers, but the marriage did not exceed only 3 months. After that, he married the star Nicole Kidman, whose marriage lasted for ten years, they adopted two children, Isabel and Kunar, and then divorced. Tom Cruise married a third time to actress Kate Holmes and gave birth to his daughter Suri from her, but there was a disagreement between them, the marriage did not last and they broke up






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