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5 ways to practice squatting exercise

5 ways to practice squatting exercise

What is squatting exercise good for? How many squats should u do a day? Do squats burn belly fat? What happens when you do squats everyday?
squatting exercise

Exercise is one of the most important protective factors against exposure to thousands of serious health diseases.

Sport strengthens muscles, helps to activate blood circulation inside the body, and therefore will be a powerful factor of protection against physical and psychological health problems and diseases. There are many many and varied sports exercises, and one of the most important of these sports exercises is squatting exercises, as it has many benefits that affect the body and muscles, and there are many types and ways of squatting exercises, and in this article we will talk about squatting exercises and how they can be practiced at home.


What are squatting exercises?

Squatting exercises are one of the most common sports exercises among athletes, especially women, as they are considered one of the most important exercises practiced in gyms and sports clubs. Squats are what is known as squats because they rely on leg flexion in all their exercise methods. Squats may be difficult exercises to practice at first, because they help tighten the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, legs and butt, but after practicing and getting used to it, it becomes one of the most easy and favorite sports exercises for many women, especially since it can be practiced at home.

The benefits of squatting exercises

Squatting exercises have many health benefits on a woman's body, as it helps her to remove cellulite from the body by tightening the flabby muscles of the body, especially the thighs and butt area, and it also increases the flow of oxidized blood to all parts of the body. Squatting exercise contributes to strengthening bone health and reducing fragility, it also helps to strengthen the knee muscles, and above all, it significantly improves digestive functions and treats stomach pain. One of the most important benefits of squatting exercises is that it treats back pain, improves joint strengthening, calms muscles, and is also a very effective factor in burning fat and getting rid of excess weight.


Ways to practice squatting exercises


1-squatting exercises with standing

This exercise is one of the basic exercises for squats and is done by standing on the floor straight with shoulders shoulder width apart, stretch your hands forward so that they are at chest level, as for the feet, make sure that they are away from each other, and start gradually descending by the butt until you reach the level of the knees, then slowly return to the first position.


2-squatting exercises by bending the knees

As for this exercise, it is done by standing on your feet with your hands on your hips, be sure to block your abdominal muscles well and start lifting your chest up, then gradually lower down and bend your knees as if you were in a sitting position and do not allow your knees to stretch too much forward, then lock your feet when you reach a standing position with your legs straightened, and repeat it ten times.


3-squatting exercises by jumping

While this exercise is very easy and is done by standing on your feet with your hands extended forward or up, then bend your knees like the first exercise, but the difference here is that after you stay in this position, straighten your body once and jump several times and after completing the jump, return to the first position, which is the squat position.


4-squatting exercises by lifting weights

This exercise is very easy and depends on lifting weights with your hands, it helps to tighten the muscles of the legs and strengthen the pelvic muscles, and it is practiced by standing straight on your feet, taking care to keep your feet slightly apart, then carry two weights with your hands so that they are at chest level, then start bending your knees down with your chest and shoulders raised up and your back is straight, then lower your body slowly as much as you can so that your weight-bearing hands meet each other by lifting your legs.


5-ballet squats exercises

One of the most prominent types of squatting exercises is the ballet exercise, it increases the strengthening of the muscles of the legs and butt significantly and is practiced by standing on tiptoes with bent knees and allow the heels of your feet to reach even the lowest point by squatting, then returning to stand again, and repeat it fifteen times during one exercise.






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