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Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

 Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

 Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

Hair removal is one of the most important personal hygiene procedures, and with the advancement of time, new means of removing excess hair have appeared, including the use of laser, electrolysis, and waxing, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and in this article, Dear Reader, we will talk about the different hair removal methods in detail, the disadvantages and advantages of each of them, so keep reading with us.

The importance of hair removal for women excess hair in the body is a problem facing almost most people, many have unwanted hair that affects the overall female appearance, also causes embarrassment and distress, and may lead to some skin problems due to the accumulation of bacteria. Hair removal is one of the most important personal hygiene procedures in general, and for women in particular, especially pubic hair, armpits, feet and arms, as well as chin hair, mustache area or above the upper lips, and because there are many different methods of hair removal, we must provide you with a comprehensive guide to these means, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them to choose what suits you.

What are the different methods of hair removal There are many and varied methods of hair removal, and in the following we list all the methods used with a mention of their advantages and disadvantages; choose what suits you from them.

1-hair removal by shaving

 its method and advantages shaving is one of the temporary methods that work to remove hair, but shaving does not work to remove hair from its roots, when using a razor, the cut hair is clear, and it is one of the most rapid methods of removal.


  •  Hair grows inward as a result of the hair wrapping around the follicle.
  •  The occurrence of itching.
  •  The possibility of infection due to the tools used.
  •  The possibility of wounds. The occurrence of some infections.

To avoid shaving problems

  •  Make sure the hair is wet first. 
  • Shaving in the direction of excessive hair growth.
  •  Do not tighten the skin while shaving.

Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

 2-hair removal by plucking

 Its method and features

 Plucking is an effective way to remove hair from its roots using tweezers or threads, which is the method used by most specialists in beauty salons, where the thread is formed in a certain way and unwanted hair is pulled out. 


  •  It consumes a lot of time. 
  • It is suitable only in places where there is little hair.
  •  The hair should be long so that it is easier to remove with tweezers. 

3-waxing hair removal

 Its method and features

 Although wax has been used since ancient times, but its use has increased recently in various beauty salons, the wax is placed in a dedicated machine to become a semi-liquid wax, and it is spread on the skin after that, and then the hair is removed to reverse its growth, and one of its most important advantages is that it can be used in various areas of the body such as the face, bikini area, and the rest of the body. 


  •  When using wax, the pores remain open for a while, which makes them susceptible to infection by germs.
  •  Redness and irritation of the skin. 
  • Itching.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

4 - depilatory cream 

depilatory creams work by breaking down the protein structure in the hair shaft by chemical solvents, but some people are allergic to the chemicals contained in depilatories, so it is important to follow the instructions on the products carefully to prevent skin irritation.

Its method and features

 This method analyzes the proteins in the hair follicles, which is similar to shaving but does not affect hair growth, and uses thioglycolate thioglycolate mixed with sodium hydroxide, or calcium hydroxide, and left on the desired area for 3-15 minutes until the hair is removed. 


  • The speed of hair growth is repeated at least once a week.
  •  Skin irritation and redness. 
  • Do not use for the face area, or bikini line.

5-Laser Hair Removal 

Its method and features 

Recently, the use of lasers in hair removal has flourished, and lasers are used from 6-7 sessions to completely eliminate hair, it is preferable to use lasers for white skin as some studies have proven that the laser does not work completely on dark skin. 


  •  Darkening of the skin. 
  • The occurrence of scars. 
  • The occurrence of skin burns.
  •  It is not preferable to use it for dark-skinned women. 
  • It does not affect white hair, as it acts on the melanin pigment.

6-electrolysis hair removal 

Its method and features

 This is done by inserting a thin needle inside the hair follicle, passing an electric current inside it, and then removing the hair in a permanent way by the death of the follicle.


  •  Hair should be shaved 3 days before the electrolysis procedure.
  •  Treatment needs 12-18 months. 
  • Hair follicles in the shedding stage are more difficult to remove than hair follicles in the growth stage.
  •  Infection. Hyperpigmentation. The occurrence of scars. 

Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

7-epilation with eflornithine

 Its method and features

 This method is based on chemicals that block enzymes that stimulate hair growth, is not a depilatory and is preferred to be used with other hair removal methods such as laser. 


  • The prohibitive cost. 
  • It does not give individual results, it should be used in combination with other means of hair removal.
  •  A person should attend it from 8 weeks to 6 months.

8-Hair Removal with hormonal treatment 

in women who suffer from some diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, the treatment used includes contraceptive pills or antiandrogens.

9-Hair Removal Machine

Epilator the epilator is fairly inexpensive, the purchase of the epilator is a one-time, unlike other epilators, and the use of the epilator is easy and does not require water or shaving cream, as these devices are designed for home use and do not require a trip to the beauty salon.

The epilators can also be used on the legs, arms, face, underarms, bikini area, and the epilators are small enough to carry in a suitcase and take when traveling.

Hair removal from sensitive areas 

If you are about to shave the sensitive area, you should follow the following tips to avoid infections or bacteria:

  •  In case of injuries due to hair removal, or pills as a result of ingrown hairs, it is recommended to use a gentle scrub, preferably wait a little and then do the removal procedure. 
  • You should avoid trying to open the pimples caused by hair growth under the skin violently because this may leave traces and deform the area, and light pressure can be tried on the pimples, but if the hair does not come out easily, it is better to leave it and not use sharp machines to get it out.
  • You should avoid taking a hot bath after hair removal, because hot water may help to inflame the pores, leaving traces of unpleasant pimples.
  • To avoid irritation, you should avoid exercising, or wearing tight clothes immediately after epilation, as the skin can be very sensitive to bacteria and moisture from your clothes.

Removing hair from the armpit 

Armpit hair can be removed with a razor, this is usually the cheapest and easiest solution, and long or thick hair can be cut using scissors first to make shaving easier, and in case of high chances of subcutaneous hair growth or in the case of sensitive skin, it is preferable to shave in the direction of hair growth.

Otherwise, the hair is shaved against the direction of hair growth, however shaving can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

Hair removal during pregnancy

 Hair removal in pregnancy hair grows faster during pregnancy than in the periods before pregnancy due to disturbed hormones, and there is an increase in the percentage of hair growth in sensitive areas such as underarms and pubic area, and hair in the legs, arms and face grows faster and larger

 Hair removal during pregnancy becomes more painful and stressful for a pregnant woman, which is why pregnant women may use many methods that are classified under unsafe methods of removal that may cause damage to the health of the fetus, such as the use of removal methods with modern technologies such as exposure to laser radiation, the device of electrical flashes, and the use of removal creams that affect the skin, so most women prefer to use traditional methods of removal.

Hair removal .. All methods used in detail

7 Mistakes You Make Before hair removal

 1-no peeling you should exfoliate the area to be removed from the hair two days before removing it so that you avoid hair growth inward. 

2-lifting the eyebrows while plucking them you should avoid lifting the eyebrows while plucking them because that area is one of the sensitive areas, and over time this causes the eyelid to sag. 

3 - removing the hair of the legs in the morning during sleep, the legs swell a little, and this works to hide some hair, so it is preferable to remove the hair at night before bedtime. 

4. hair removal while taking a hot bath should wait at least 10 minutes before doing hair removal.

 5. use razors more than once razors should be replaced regularly.

 6-do not apply cream before shaving the cream should be applied because it works to reduce skin irritation. 

7-topical creams you should stop using ritonide (used to eliminate facial pills) a week before using the wax and after using it, as the skin becomes fragile.

Important questions about hair removal  

 Perhaps, dear woman, you are asking a lot of questions about hair removal, including the following:

 Is there a relationship between sunburn and the use of depilatories ?

There are some methods that increase pigmentation in some women, such as laser, electrolysis, where they increase pigmentation and darkening of the skin, chemical removers also work on darkening the skin in case of irritation or skin burns. 

Is there a connection between breast cancer and the use of depilatories?

 Until now there is no research proving that there is a direct relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer and the use of various depilatories. 

Is it preferable to use skin moisturizers immediately after hair removal ?

When itching is felt, some moisturizers are used such as: 

Use a moisturizing balm. 

Hydrocortisone cream.

 Use soaps and deodorants that contain natural ingredients Immediately after epilation to prevent the occurrence of skin irritation, it is preferable to wash the area from which the hair was removed with warm water.

 Avoid using chemical compounds immediately after hair removal so as not to lead to redness and irritation of the skin.






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