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How to deal with my husband in bed ? Tips for romantic women

How to deal with my husband in bed ? Tips for romantic women

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 How to deal with my husband in bed ?

 How to deal with my husband in bed ? Tips for romantic women

Every now and then, a couple may need to renew their relationship to maintain excitement. A man always wants to see you sexy, but it can be difficult for you to predict what your husband needs from you in the bedroom, that's why I wrote this article for you!

No matter how long the sacred bond lasts and no matter how old they are, there is no default age for intimacy between spouses. Therefore, the parties must please each other during the intimate relationship and have satisfaction, love and compatibility between them to achieve a happy married life. Therefore, it is necessary to renew and change the methods of intimacy. It may be renewal in the intimate dialogue that takes place between them or by inventing new sexual methods and situations to prevent stagnation and boredom. In general, to achieve pleasure between spouses the dose of foreplay should be increased before intercourse. This is more expensive than any material gifts between a man and his wife because it is this harmony and harmony that brings happiness and satisfaction in married life.

How can I make my husband madly in bed?


Body massage is one of the most important tools that helps a wife communicate her feelings to her husband without talking. Do not be ashamed of your husband and start touching his body and massaging him with gentle and light movements. Massage should lead to the practice of intimacy because it helps to enter into a happy and appropriate mood before the relationship.

Start at the neck and shoulders area, then move on to deeper areas when your husband feels relaxed and excited at the same time. Ask your husband what he prefers, which area of his body does he want you to focus on Do not hesitate to use quiet lighting and romantic music that increase the potency and desire for massage. Use suitable essential oils that the husband is not allergic to. After completing the massage, offer your husband a glass of water to expel toxins from the body.


2. renovation

A husband loves a woman who is ready for change and renewal in everything related to intimacy. Try to come up with new ways, situations and places to have a more enjoyable sexual relationship. Sexual desire is like food recipes, you need to try new flavors and interesting and different ways to prevent boredom and stagnation. Try to explore new and unique sensations and feelings.

When you want to spend the weekend somewhere, you should implement a unique plan and replace the place where you like to spend your vacation with your bedroom in different ways and modes. This helps you to renew and change from the routine of everyday life and this plan gives you relaxation and comfort also before intimacy.


3. perfume

One of the most important factors that excite a man and give him a sense of desire to establish a sexual relationship are wonderful smells and perfumes. Perfume is the first thing that catches his attention. Smart and attractive scents have a special charm on a man and excite him. Pungent perfumes with a floral aroma do not have such a strong effect, as light and elegant perfume smells.

Therefore, try to customize your favorite type of perfume during intimacy and always repeat it to be a signal to the husband of sexual desire with him. Also keep your physical and personal hygiene and clean the sensitive area with water and keep away from applying perfume to the sensitive area so as not to harm it and just wash it.


4-feeling in control of the relationship

Sometimes the husband prefers that his wife take over during the practice of marital relationship, to be the dominant in the intimate relationship and therefore the position of the Knight is appropriate for this situation. The wife is the one who does everything, and that's why the husband likes this situation. It is not common for a man to prefer control, but there are some men who prefer this situation in order for his wife to please him. Be sure to take the first steps before the relationship, interact with him, prepare the place, lie with your back on the bed and wait for him.

You can also initiate some movements and poses and wait for him to respond with you. There are many movements that arouse his desire and ignite it by taking off his clothes and doing a body massage.


5. touch

Recently, a joint study between the Universities of Zurich and Fribourg proved that the sense of touch has a big role in the arousal of a man and his constant desire to have a sexual relationship with his wife. It is by holding hands and hugging that helps to glow the relationship between the couple. To increase his arousal and sexual desire, touch your body in front of him and run your hand over your cheek or arm with your fingers and caress your locks of hair. This study asked 102 couples to write down their feelings during physical contact and take notes between them in a diary for a week. The result was that couples who scored high felt happier and more psychologically comfortable than couples whose records were low.

How often should a wife please her husband?

The researchers added that physical contact has positive effects on the couple as it makes them feel love, kindness, tenderness and psychological comfort. It also helps to improve the health and mood of the couple and reduces high blood pressure. There is also a classic movement capable of moving his feelings and desire, which is to touch his foot from under the table and put your hands only on his thigh. It's a move your husband won't be able to resist!






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