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Masturbation damages the heart and cures its addiction

 Masturbation damages the heart and cures its addiction


 Masturbation damages the heart and cures its addiction

Masturbation or masturbation is one of the common habits of both men and women, so it is important to know everything related to it, especially for those who practice this habit to the point of addiction, and if it has damage, what is the damage of masturbation to the heart

Masturbation damages the heart 

Masturbation or masturbation has some damage as a result of excessive or violent practice, which results in some negative effects related to mental health or genital health sometimes, but with regard to the heart, there is no evidence of damage to it on heart health specifically, although experts ' opinions believe that the benefits of intercourse for heart health surpass masturbation so far.

 But there are some other harms of masturbation that can be recognized in the following lines. As we have already mentioned, masturbation or masturbation is a common habit, and it reaches the point of addiction for some, which causes some damage that affects their lives in one way or another, including:

 Psychological effects 

Masturbation remains an unacceptable behavior in many societies and faiths, so it causes feelings of guilt and psychological pressure as a result, which negatively affects the health of the person practicing it.

Organic influences

 Sometimes excessive and violent masturbation can cause bruises and wounds to the genitals, especially with the attempt to insert some hard objects or practice any other violent behaviors, it may cause what is known as a penile fracture. 

Social influences 

Addiction, excessive masturbation and spending most of the time for the sake of only one goal, may negatively affect life and social relationships, they may cause:

  •  Evasion of required responsibilities.
  •  Cancel any social events and do not participate in them.
  •  The desire to isolate most of the time and not be with others.
  •  Impact on daily study and work productivity.

Treatment of masturbation addiction

 It should not be left to the extent that it affects life in such a negative way, so some simple tips with willpower may be useful in treating this addiction, including:

 Interest in playing sports: 

There are many different and varied types of sports that you can practice, including walking or swimming.


Healthy eating:

 Paying attention to providing your body with its needs, will also fill your time and provide your body with useful nutrients. 

Take up a new hobby or return to an old hobby that you haven't done for a long time. Occupy your time and do not leave yourself alone as much as possible.

How to maintain heart health

 And now you should know how to maintain heart health in general, the heart is the organ responsible for pumping blood to all of your body, and therefore doing the functions required of it properly, and you can do:

  •  Maintain your average blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 
  • Maintain your ideal weight rate. Eat healthy and suitable food for you. 
  • Stop smoking, it raises blood pressure and makes you more susceptible to heart attack.
  •  Stay away from psychological stress as much as possible, and do not follow wrong behaviors such as binge eating unhealthy food to get rid of it. 
  • Get enough sleep.get enough sleep. 

If you have diabetes, follow your doctor's instructions to monitor your blood sugar.

 In the end we advise you do not let masturbation control you and steal your time to reach the point of addiction, you can discuss with a doctor to reach a better situation for you.






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