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What is skin rejuvenation and what are its benefits

 What is skin rejuvenation and what are its benefits

What is skin rejuvenation and what are its benefits
What is skin rejuvenation and what are its benefits

 women today have access to amazing technologies, the effectiveness of which has been proven in reversing the aging process, such as skin rejuvenation. It is a treatment that stimulates collagen

As we get older and older, the production of natural collagen decreases. Skin cells take longer to regenerate and many of the harmful effects experienced by the skin begin to take their toll.

Fortunately, today men and women have access to amazing technologies, the effectiveness of which has been proven in reversing the aging process, such as skin rejuvenation.

We will find out in this article What skin rejuvenation is, its benefits and how to apply it.

what is Skin rejuvenation?

The effects of the sun, pollutants, diet, exercise and smoking can all contribute to the deterioration of the skin. In addition, the production of collagen and elastin decreases with age and leads to wrinkles, lines and sagging skin. 

Acne remnants can leave individuals with vegetation that affects skin texture and self-esteem.

Skin rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that can help your skin look vibrant, does not require the time and risks associated with traditional plastic surgery. This non-surgical treatment can provide multiple benefits for men and women who want to erase imperfections caused by aging, sun, scars, pollution and skin diseases.

More specifically, laser, injection, radio, IPL devices, microdermabrasion, peels are able to improve aesthetic skin imperfections and enhance the patient's overall appearance.

Skin rejuvenation benefits?

What is skin rejuvenation and what are its benefits
Skin rejuvenation benefits?

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Your body produces 1% less collagen every year after the age of 20. Collagen helps to give the skin its structure. Moreover, collagen production helps in the skin regeneration process. As collagen production diminishes, the skin can lose its structure, become dry and its fat content decreases, it begins to appear wrinkled, loose and sagging. 

Skin regeneration promotes the growth of collagen to help the skin become fuller and younger. When the energy of the Icon system is delivered to the target area, your body interprets the heat as an injury and generates collagen to repair the damage. Over time, this additional collagen works to produce smooth, even skin.

Reduces facial veins

Facial veins or capillaries appear in the form of small red, purple or blue stripes under the surface of the skin on the nose, chin and cheeks.

Facial veins can weaken with age and become more prone to stretching when they are damaged by the sun, irritants and other factors. Facial veins can also become more prominent with older skin thinning allowing dilated veins to become more visible.

When the veins of the face are treated with Intense Pulsed Light, the heat breaks down the veins and they become scar tissue. The scarred tissue is then absorbed by your body over several treatments, resulting in a more even complexion.

Improves acne scars

Acne scars can appear as permanent gaps in the skin. The main cause of scars is a type of acne called acne cysts. Acne cysts are large pus-filled pockets that destroy skin tissue and disrupt collagen production.

When the cyst empties, the lost collagen is not always restored when the area heals. If your body fails to produce enough collagen, pits or depressions can form during the healing process.

Skin rejuvenation using the Icon system provides energy to the damaged area. Your body then responds to the thermal energy by producing collagen in the area, which then fills the scar to give a smooth and even appearance.

Reduces sun spots

Sun spots, or age spots, occur when the body causes pigmented skin cells to multiply due to exposure to sunlight. These spots usually appear on the face and other areas of the body that are exposed to the most sunlight.

Skin rejuvenation treatments can be an easy and effective treatment for aging spots. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy breaks down melanin or pigment and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Relieves redness and rosacea

Rosacea makes the blood vessels in the face visible and can also make the face look red or flushed. It can also cause thickening of the skin, inflammation, pimples and uneven skin tone.

Skin rejuvenation using the Icon system can reduce blood vessels by shrinking them. And additional collagen production can improve skin texture.

Treats discoloration of skin tone

Intense pulsed treatments are an integral part of total skin rejuvenation, as they apply broadband light to eliminate sunspots, age spots, redness and protruding blood vessels.

What are the remedies for skin rejuvenation?

What are the remedies for skin rejuvenation?
What are the remedies for skin rejuvenation?

Basic skin treatments

The forties are the time when one should be careful that deeper skin issues can begin to bother women. In addition to the regular skin care regimen, one needs to rejuvenate the skin more often. 

Serum hydrolytes and antioxidants play an important role. Cosmetic treatments such as injections of toxin help to iron wrinkles on the face. Dermal fillers can correct deep wrinkles and make the face look more youthful. Laser treatments for rejuvenation and reconsideration of aging skin may also be discussed. One can also opt for surgical treatments such as face and neck lift, forehead lift, eyebrow lift to get rid of eye bags and loose eyelid skin.

Dermabrasion treatment

Removes the upper skin layers using a special tool. This should be performed by a trained cosmetologist. This procedure helps to reduce deep acne scars, brown spots and sun damage. If carried out correctly, this particular skin rejuvenation treatment can ensure beautiful and smoother skin.

Treatment of Microdermabrasion

This non-chemical and non-invasive procedure is effective in exfoliating or removing dead layers. Microdermabrasion uses a spray of micro crystals to remove the outer layer of dry and dead skin cells in order to ensure younger and healthier looking skin.

Meso Glow treatment

This procedure uses brightening agents such as glutathione, TranExamic acid, moisturizing, vitamins, minerals and internal description techniques. Along with other treatments.

In general, the technique of Biomedicine acupuncture is used (using wires and needles). It is one of the most popular treatments with estheticians. It is safe when carried out by a trained person. It cannot be used to treat pigmentation disorder or anti-aging alone.

Carbon peeling

This is also quite a popular option. Apparently, it comes from the fact that this procedure involves applying a thin layer of carbon powder to the face that is subsequently heated by the semi-long action of the laser and then removed by the Q-Switched action of the same laser device, after decarbonization, you will have an instant effect on the skin by exfoliating the layers of the epidermis, improving skin tone, removing large pores and reducing wrinkles.

Platelet-rich plasma

After consulting experts, you can choose a rich plasma therapy. Since our blood is rich in growth and healing factors, they can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a one-time remedy that can knock out a couple of years from the face and give one a youthful appearance. Pulpopuncture techniques are used after facial anesthesia for 30-40 minutes. To ensure a complete and long-term improvement, this procedure can be combined with laser or fractional radio frequency so that the collagen is remodeled and new collagen is formed with this giving a firmer and tighter feeling to the skin.

Pulsed light therapy

Laser, Intense Pulsed Light or photodynamic therapy is used to treat skin conditions and remove imaging effects such as wrinkles and spots. Lasers such as Erbium Yag / CO2 CO2 can be used for resurfacing of the epidermis, light acne interventions, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

In the end.. Having learned what skin rejuvenation is and what its various treatments are, the appropriate treatment can be determined only with the appropriate doctor, because based on your condition he will decide on the appropriate one.






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